Learning Programming List of Online Video Tutorials

I am in the process of teaching myself computer programming, specifically web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL, and I have found many course from Lynda.com to be am invaluable resource when it comes to learning often complex new concepts.

Here is a list of On line video tutorials from Lynda.com That focus on teaching the Foundations of Programming. I highly recommend them for anyone who is learning to code, or at the start of the exciting journey of learning programming.

The Lynda.com Tutorial  Foundations of Programming: Programming for Kids with David Gassner is especially relevant for parents or teachers/ educators who are looking to help teach children computer programming and coding, which as the tutorial shows, is a fun thing to learn. Yes programming is fun and that tutorial really shows how much fun it can be.

There are a lot of resources out there when it comes to learning how to code, and they vary immensely in terms of quality, relevance and presentation. I have found certain books and publishers to be better than others and certain online tutorial providers better than others. You have to pay a subscription fee to view course on Lynda.com but it is really worth it. I found these courses had the best presenters.

I hope you find the list and tutorials as useful as I have.

I have also found CodeAcademy to be a really useful and fun interactive way to learn programming.

In terms of books, I have the found the In Easy Steps series of books and The Missing Manual books to be my favourite.


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PHP Links

I am currently in the process of teaching myself PHP & MySQL using various online tutorials and books.

Click here for a list of the Tutorials, books and resources I am using, and helpful reference guide links.

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First Post

Welcome to my blog  and web site with links to resources I have found useful as I train to become a computer programmer.

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